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If you believe you are not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not worthy enough.... if you have a hard time trusting yourself and your own judgment....

if you're having a hard time making decisions.... if you believe your dreams are not worthy of pursuing..... then you have likely adopted the voice of the person who mistreated you.  

To continue to believe the lies that you were told about you, is to continue to stay stuck in shame and self-doubt, lack ability to say no, have poor boundaries, and feel lost and lonely. 

Discover how you can unlearn the lies that you were told about you, reconnect with your self-worth, improve your confidence, and develop self-compassion, so that you can find your own voice, identify YOUR desires, and start moving toward them, like going on that first date again, asking for that promotion, going back to school, having healthy friendships, being able to say no when you want to. 

It is possible to transform your life with the guidance of an experienced coach, the support of a tight community, and of course your own determination, and commitment to progress.


If you're ready to see yourself and your life in a different light, keep on reading.....



                    EMPOWERMENT 4 U

is a Four-Step Blueprint  that I have designed just for YOU, from my experience as a psychotherapist for 22 years, to help you reconnect with your self-worth, so that you can identify and start realizing those dreams that are buried inside.  

1 - Unlearn the lies that you were told about you. 

2 - Uncover the differences between healthy love and toxic "love". 

3 - Untie yourself from shame and guilt, and move toward self-compassion.


4 - Upgrade your vision for your future. 


12 weekly 90-minute zoom sessions.

Support provided between sessions, in a private FB group, open to clients, only.

Bonus: Live check-in, at least once a week, in our private FB page.


Next cycle to start on

Jan. 8th 10 am PST, AND

Jan 9th, 5 pm, PST. 

You choose.


Life After Divorce/Separation


FOUR weekly

sixty-minute zoom sessions

Support provided between sessions as needed. 

Discounted rate of 


Please message me for more details.



"I have never loved myself before like I love myself today."

-  T. S. , group coaching participant

"I'm amazed that even in a situation where I feel so much shame, I'm now able to acknowledge myself for something positive."

- Z. P. , group coaching participant

The "Empowerment 4 U   " Blueprint is NOT appropriate for women who: 



- Don't have their basic needs (such as food, shelter, and safety) met. 


- Experience severe mood or mental health problems such as thoughts of harm toward self or others, frequent nightmares and flasbacks, intense and severe mood changes, seeing or hearing things that others do not, and experience substance use issues. 


- Find all relationships around them to be toxic and/or unstable. 


If this is you, please be sure to reach out to a community resource and/or seek psychotherapy and psychiatry services. 


6 Myths About

Group Coaching

Here are the reasons why group work is so incredibly EFFECTIVE for anyone who has experienced toxic and/or abusive relationships. 

Let's debunk these myths.

Contact me below 


DM me on Instagram


No psychotherapy services are offered on this website. Coaching and workshops provided here are not to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy.  

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