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Transform your self-doubt into self-worth. 

If you are a women with history of being mistreated by an ex, a parent, an older sibling, a boss, a teacher, or a clergy...

Maybe you were bullied as a kid, or perhaps, you were abused by the systems that rule over us....


And...these individuals' or systems' harsh and judgmental views of you have become one with your view of you...

Then, you might connect with some of the struggles below: 

- You have a hard time saying no to others,

- You struggle with recognizing appropriate vs. inappropriate boundaries,

- You no longer know your own needs or desires, 

- You feel persistent self-doubt, shame or guilt, feel small often, 


- You talk down to you like they did,

- You have difficulty trusting your own judgment, or making decisions...

If you see yourself in these struggles, then....

1) You are NOT alone.



2) You have come to the right place. 

In the online coaching programs offered here, you will:

-Learn How to Say No kindly yet firmly. 

- Unlearn the lies that you were told about you.

- Uncover the differences between healthy and toxic relationships, including appropriate vs inappropriate boundaries. 

-Understand what shame is, where it comes from, how we make shame stronger without even realizing it.

-Move through shame and guilt. Move toward  self-compassion.

-Find your own voice, your own vision for your future and learn how to move toward them.

The question is: Are you ready for this life changing transformation?! 


Please note: This program may not be a good fit for you:

if you don't have your basic needs (like food, shelter and safety) met,

if you struggle with severe mental health issues such as thoughts of harm toward self or others, or extreme mood changes,

if you have no stable relationships/friendships around you, 

if you struggle with substance use issues. 

Please seek appropriate services for any of the above listed struggles. See your therapist, psychiatrist, and/or a community-based resource center for support. 

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Say NO Nicely

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