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Please read carefully before making the payments.

These guidelines are created to help make all participants’ experience a positive one.

By paying for this Women’s Circle session, I acknowledge ALL the guidelines listed below:


  • Even though Homeyra Faghihi is a licensed psychotherapist and an Empowerment coach, she WILL NOT be providing any coaching or psychotherapy during this session.

  • All teachings offered by Homeyra Faghihi during this session are for participants’ general education. I am responsible for deciding if and how I might apply those in my own life. 

  • I am solely responsible as to whether or not I will implement other participants’ ideas or suggestions. 

  • There will be NO recording of this session in order to honor all participants’ privacy. 

  • I will keep others’ disclosures in this session to myself in order to honor everyone’s privacy. 

  • I am allowed to change my Zoom name to my nickname OR first name only in order to keep my own privacy.

  • I must attend this session in a private room (or in my car) to prevent distracting myself or other members AND to keep all participants’  privacy. 

  • I am responsible for attending to any unpleasant feelings that may come up as a result of this session,  by seeking appropriate coaching or mental health services, as there will be NO follow-up contacts from Homeyra Faghihi on this matter. 

  • This Women’s Circle session is NOT an appropriate resource for me, if I have severe mental health issues such as thoughts of harm toward self or others, severe mood changes, no stable relationships, or substance use related problems. 

  • I MUST have my camera ON in order to help other participants feel safe sharing, and build trust. 

  • I will NOT be multitasking during this session in order to be respectful to other participants AND to make the most of our time. 

  • I will likely benefit from this Women's Circle EVEN IF I stay quiet by choice, or because we run out of time. 

  • I AM READY TO GO!! Let’s do this. 

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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