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 Step Up to the Empowered You.

 Empowerment 4U 
Reclaim Your Power! 



                    EMPOWERMENT 4 U

is a Four-Step Blueprint  that I have designed just for YOU, from my experience as a psychotherapist for 22 years, to help you reconnect with your self-worth, so that you can identify and start realizing those dreams that are buried inside.  

1 - Unlearn the lies that you were told about you. 

2 - Uncover the differences between healthy love and toxic "love". 

3 - Untie yourself from shame and guilt, and move toward self-compassion.


4 - Upgrade your vision for your future. 



6 Myths About

Group Coaching

Here are the reasons why group work is so incredibly EFFECTIVE for anyone who has experienced toxic and/or abusive relationships. 

Let's debunk these myths.

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No psychotherapy services are offered on this website. Coaching and workshops provided here are not to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy.  

The Services offered here are NOT appropriate for women who: 



- Don't have their basic needs (such as food, shelter, and safety) met. 


- Experience severe mood or mental health problems such as thoughts of harm toward self or others, frequent nightmares and flasbacks, intense and severe mood changes, seeing or hearing things that others do not, and experience substance use issues. 


- Find all relationships around them to be toxic and/or unstable. 


If this is you, please be sure to reach out to a community resource and/or seek psychotherapy and psychiatric services. 


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