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From disrespected and Resentful

to Empowered and Confident.

Tuesday, May 14TH, 5 PM - 6:30 PM, Pacific

Online - LIVE. Will not be recorded.


Let me take you on a ride with me. 


If you’re here:🔽

  • You want to avoid feeling guilty so you keep saying yes. 


  • You've neglected your own needs for so long that your stress causes you to snap at someone, and then feel guilty about it. 


  • You’re tired of feeling resentful toward the other person all the time. 

  • You’re craving self-respect big time, right about now.

Then by all means, come with me to this new place where:


  • You understand well that your needs matter too. 

  • You enjoy the freedom that comes with saying no. 

  • You experience self-respect. 

  • You experience authenticity, because you now know how to say no without guilt.

And here’s why you can’t afford to keep saying yes:


  • Ongoing resentment and stress can lead to physical health issues. 

  • Ongoing resentment can create a wall between you and your loved ones. 

  • Whether you're aware or not, you encourage behaviors that you tolerate.

  • You will miss out on feeling powerful, authentic, and in charge of your life.


Here’s the thing: 


There is a simple solution to learning how to say no.  


And that solution is to reconnect with your self-worth in a deep way. 


So, what is self-worth anyway? 

Self-worth is that deep knowing that:


  • You are born with value. 


  • That you are born lovable. 


  • Self-worth is NOT about your accomplishments, your characteristics or your looks. 


  • Self-worth is not earned. 

You are worthy, simply because you are here on earth. 


But of course, we tend to forget that often. 


Because self-worth gets buried under a ton of self-doubt and self-judgment over the years and decades.  


And it’s important to recognize that: 


Reconnecting with your self-worth is the most effective path to setting healthy boundaries. 


This is why in this workshop, I will teach you the basics of how to reconnect with your self-worth, SO THAT YOU CAN SAY NO WITHOUT GUILT. 


YES. Some situations are more complicated than others. 


YES. Some circumstances require more delicate attention to a whole lot of details.


YES. Sometimes there are consequences. 


However, none of this means that it’s ok to ignore your desire for self-respect and authenticity. 


And once you improve how you see yourself, you’d not want to ignore this desire. 


Join me in this 75-minute masterclass and learn all the basics of how to improve your view of you so that you CAN SAY NO. 


Stay in Power.


Hi there. I'm Homeyra Faghihi.

Figuring out my own stuff and improving my own self-esteem over the years and decades, as well as helping hundreds of clients over the years, have led me to my passion of coaching  women who struggle to say no to set kind and clear boundaries and ask for what they want.

I’ve been offering psychotherapy in the state of California for the past twenty-five years. I bring my expertise and knowledge as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Doctor of Psychology, and an educator into my coaching practice here at Power to the Self.


My other roles over the years have included lecturer, clinical supervisor, and field instructor.

(PLEASE NOTE,  No coaching or therapy will be offered during this Masterclass.)

Here is what you can expect to learn by joining the How to Say No Without Guilt Masterclass. 


  • The 4 different styles of communication so that you can identify your own and have a solid understanding of which style will effectively convey your needs.

  • The underlying beliefs that drive each communication style so you can identify your unproductive thought patterns and exchange them for more constructive ones that reflect your self-worth. 

  • Several examples of how to say a firm, yet kind, “NO” so that you have clarity as to how to start experiencing the freedom and peace that come from setting healthy boundaries without guilt.  

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