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 Step Up to the Empowered You.

 Date with Ease 
Stop The Nightmare Dating! Say Yes Only When It’s Right! 

A 5-week transformation for women who worry about dating again because they've been burnt before and want to get it right this time!  


If you are coming off of a bad breakup you may be anxious about dating again, and worry about picking the wrong person. 


Or, maybe in your efforts to protect yourself from the wrong person, you have acquired a lot of loneliness and feel unable to sustain even a good relationship. 


Many women can make the mistake of not trusting what they themselves feel or believe because their previous partners were misleading or mistreated them. If that is something you’ve experienced, you know how hard it feels to hope you’ll be able to trust another person again or that you’ll be able to say no if you realize things aren’t going well. 


However, you can trust yourself, others, and have good experiences dating again! This is possible when you transform your self-doubt into self-worth. 


  • 👉 In self-doubt, you can be constantly concerned about making mistakes. 

  • ​👉 In self-worth, you trust your own judgment. 

  • ​👉 In self-doubt, you might mostly see yourself through the other’s person eyes, whether that is good or bad. 

  • ​👉 In self-worth, you know the truth about yourself and you see yourself in a positive light. 


The amazing news is,

self-worth is something any woman can learn,

or reconnect with! 


Even if you’ve never really found the love you have kept looking for, there is always a path available to you towards self-worth. 


And with self-worth, comes easier, better, more fun dating of the right people! 


You might be worried about whether or not you’ll have good boundaries or if you know how to pick a partner. 


However, through transforming your self-doubt into self-worth, these things will start coming naturally to you!


For twenty-three years, I’ve worked to help women like you transform their self doubt into self-worth. 

I’ve taken the best of the best out of that experience and packaged it in a friendly five-week coaching program that will help you change how you see yourself, your dates, and your dreams. 


In this fun, life-changing, attitude-shifting program you will be introduced to:

  • 👉 How to use self-talk for yourself instead of against yourself.

  • 👉 How to identify healthy vs unhealthy boundaries, so you can set limits or even say goodbye when needed.

  • 👉 How to say no without feeling guilty, so you can stay true to yourself.  

  • 👉 New tools for trusting yourself, so you can go out with confidence and have a great time with people who are also good for your self-worth!


And, this IS your lucky day, because as a member of the first group through this program you qualify for introductory pricing and extra personal attention in our group coaching calls!


If you were to come through my 1:1 coaching program, you would be happy with the results, however you might be concerned about paying $150/hr every week. 


By comparison, your investment in the 5-week coaching program is only $197 - Month of April only.


This 5-week program includes: 

  • ⭐ Pre-recorded videos every week.

  • ⭐ Hour-long group coaching to discuss your feedback and answer your questions. Some of you will receive laser coaching.  

  • ⭐ Zooms calls every Sunday at 10 AM pacific. April 23rd to May 21st. 

If you have any questions or concerns, DM me on my Instagram, or email me at



6 Myths About

Group Coaching

Here are the reasons why group work is so incredibly EFFECTIVE for anyone who has experienced toxic and/or abusive relationships. 

Let's debunk these myths.

Contact me below 


DM me on Instagram


No psychotherapy services are offered on this website. Coaching and workshops provided here are not to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy.  

The Services offered here are NOT appropriate for women who: 



- Don't have their basic needs (such as food, shelter, and safety) met. 


- Experience severe mood or mental health problems such as thoughts of harm toward self or others, frequent nightmares and flasbacks, intense and severe mood changes, seeing or hearing things that others do not, and experience substance use issues. 


- Find all relationships around them to be toxic and/or unstable. 


If this is you, please be sure to reach out to a community resource and/or seek psychotherapy and psychiatric services. 


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