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My mission is to help women just like you to remember who you are underneath your sneaky and persistent self-doubt, so that you can reconnect with your innate worth AND keep stretching yourself outside your comfort zone. 

Don't let life pass you by. 

The time is NOW


Hello! I’m Homeyra Faghihi. 

It would be my honor to support you on your journey toward self-empowerment. If you're ready and motivated to transform your self-doubt, shame, and guilt into self-worth, I am here.

I had to deal with a ton of obstacles and traumas during my childhood and early adult life. So...

If you feel lonely, I see you. 

If you keep second-guessing yourself, I know the cycle. 


If you've experienced shame and self-judgment, I relate. 

I've done the work. And the work is never completely done. is it?! I continue to grow. 


Given my early life circumstances, I had no choice but to empower myself through the persistent self-doubt, especially as a young immigrant and all on my own. 

My rich therapy experience in my younger days and the subsequent growth,  as well as helping countless clients get results over the years, has made it my mission to help even more people see themselves in a different light; to see their power inside.


Being seen and understood, along with TOOLS to move ahead, are the gifts I received when I got professional help many years back. They're also the gifts that I've been focusing on paying forward. 

My coaching clients have:

* started to date again after many years of a toxic relationship,

* learned how to say no nicely,

* developed opinions and express them. 

* found the courage to go back to school again.

* learned to accept their flaws and ease off on self-judgment

* learned to look at the big picture vs. focusing on just the stuff that doesn't work. 

* left a toxic relationship. 

and more.....


I'd love to be a part of YOUR journey toward empowerment as well. 

Book a complimentary Take Back Your Power session to see if and how I can support you. 

Homeyra Faghihi, PsyD, LCSW

Empowerment Coach - Founder

Power to the Self online coaching


Homeyra Faghihi coaches women who struggle to say no to set kind and clear boundaries and ask for what they want.

Homeyra has been offering psychotherapy in the state of California for the past twenty-five years. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Doctor of Psychology, Homeyra has worked with adolescents, adults, women Veterans, and LGBTQ community members.

Her other roles over the years have included lecturer, clinical supervisor, and field instructor.

Homeyra brings her expertise and knowledge as a therapist and an educator into her coaching practice here at Power to the Self.

Please note, no psychotherapy is offered on this website. Coaching and classes only.

Book a FREE 45-minute
"TAKE BACK YOUR POWER" Consultation Session

If you are a woman who is ready to say no without guilt and stop second guessing yourself, let's talk! The quick questionnaire attached is for MY eyes only. Your answers will allow us to maximize our time together. 




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