Step Up to the Empowered You,

 after leaving that unhealthy/toxic and/or abusive relationship. 

Transform your self-doubt into self-worth. 

You are a women who's no longer in a relationship with your manipulative,  controlling, angry, and/or violent partner.  Now what?!

After spending years or decades with your ex, if you no longer know your own needs or desires... If you feel shame, guilt or self-doubt... if you talk down to you like they did.... if you have a hard time saying no to others.... if you struggle with recognizing appropriate vs. inappropriate boundaries... If you have difficulty trusting your own judgment or decisions, you are NOT alone. 

Welcome to a community of women who understand your struggles well and are here to support you.


In the group (and individual) coaching programs offered here, you will learn how to unlearn the lies that you were told about you, how to understand shame and guilt, move through them and toward self-compassion. You will uncover the differences between healthy and toxic relationships, including appropriate vs inappropriate boundaries.  You will find your own voice, your own vision for your future and learn how to move toward them.

Free woman

I help women who have left a unhealthy, toxic and/or abusive relationship to remember who they are underneath the shame and self-doubt, so that they can identify and pursue their heart's desire. 


For those women who've left a controlling, aggressive or abusive partner& ready to transform your self-doubt into self-worth. 


No psychotherapy services are offered on this website. Coaching and workshops provided here are not to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy.